Jon E. Hardison

Mr. Hardison has over twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate industry.

In 2000, he formed Hardison & Associates, Inc. an investment real estate transaction management firm developing investment strategies, sourcing opportunities, structuring deals, generating offering memorandums, presenting proposals, negotiating contracts, performing feasibility studies, analyzing financial statements, forecasting pro forma projections, reading and evaluating leases, identifying “value-add” components, collaborating with legal and tax advisors, consulting with third party vendors, identifying capital market solutions, closing asset and building long-term relationships. 


In 2005, Mr. Hardison formed Capital Growth Management. CGM is a property and asset management firm providing “value-add” strategies, financial advisory, capital markets, cost segregation plans, benchmarking analysis and yield management strategies. Jon has managed over $50M in assets averaging over 18% IRR on behalf of his investors.


In 2008, he formed ON2R Investments, LLC. ON2R is an investment real estate firm specializing in Reg D. Private Placement Offerings. Raising over $15M of equity from private investors he was responsible for sourcing, financing, feasibility studies, legal compliance, investor relations, management and dispositions.

In 2015, Mr. Hardison formed Equicap Commercial, LLC. Equicap is a full-service real estate firm specializing in Senior Housing & Self Storage.


Sponsored over $50M

Closed over 200 Transactions

Sold over $500M

Experience over 20 Years